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The NOVAH Project is just in its infancy. This truly is your chance, as a newly awakened artist, recently graduated arts student, quiet supporter of the arts OR professional artist inspired to create new arts projects across our region and to "curate" multi-artist projects that will tour the region of Northern Ontario, to get in on the GROUND FLOOR of this new, innovative and important arts co-operative. 

Friend of NRCC/NOVAH

Click the image above if you are interested in becoming a voting member of the Northern Ontario Visual Arts Hive. It's a perfect way to become involved in both the NRCC (Curatorial Collective mandated to assist you in developing artistic projects) and to support our new public art galleries!!

NRCC/NOVAH Collaborator

Click the image above to find out more about benefits and responsibilities associated to this membership category which includes dedicated studio space and full access to art making equipment available to use at the NRCC Project Space.

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